Kitchen Gift Ideas

Kitchen Based Housewarming Gift Ideas

Cheese Board Gift Sets.

There are so many cheese lovers out there so a cheese based gift is usually well received. A house-warming present of a quality cheese board with cheese knives is a great idea. Why not make it into something really special by creating a hamper with some cheese and wine to go with it.

house warming gift ideas

There are literally hundreds of board sets available from the luxury quality to the novelty board.  Taking a look around you will find something to suit every budget.

Olive Wood Chopping Board

Chopping board as a housewarming present? Yes! An olive wood chopping board is more than just a chopping board. There is a certain artisan feel about the wood meaning it will grace any kitchen side no matter what style. Add to this the fact they are useful kitchen items and they make an ideal housewarming gift.

olive wood chopping board

Why not take it to the next level and have it personalised to commemorate the date of moving.

Lazy Susan Tableware

A blast from the past for many but a Lazy Susan makes a terrific housewarming present.  It is even better if you you provide the nibbles and maybe a bottle of something to christen the new house. Available from a range of retailers in varying designs and quality.  A real bargain suitable for those without a huge budget.

lazy susan tableware gift

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