Housewarming Gift Ideas

Housewarming Gifts That People Will Love

Housewarming gift ideas are never that easy, especially ones that will stand out from the crowd.  There is a definite sea of “same-ness” when it comes to finding a present for the ‘new home’.  Should it be something personal and social or something for the home in particular? The answer is dependant to a degree on the relationship between the gift giver and the recipient.

Housewarming gifts for couples will present different challenges to choosing housewarming gifts for men for instance. Perhaps that goes without saying but it is important that the gift is suitable for the recipient’s situation.

The Housewarming Gift Ideas

Housewarming gifts come in an array of price ranges so there really is something for every budget.  In addition, every genre is covered, funny, quirky, vintage, romantic or friendly.  So whatever the style there is something to impress.  Our housewarming Gift ideas below have tried to cover all budgets and styles. The sincere hope is that if there is no single present here for your situation that it is a starting point to you finding the perfect thoughtful gift idea.

Espresso Coffee Maker

Although the current trend is for machines using capsules such as a Dolce-Gusto or Nespresso there is a better way.  Well some people think there is a better way, that is to use a stove top coffee machine.  An awesome piece of kit for any coffee lover they are always appreciated as a housewrming gift. Especially by those that love a good brew they can control the strength of without the expense of branded capsules.

The major benefit of a stove top coffee maker is that coffee flavour and strength is a choice.  Additionally, it sits on the cooker or worktop and looks terrific.  We are featuring this design led model from Pantone, its available in a ton of colours and really makes a statement.  Not quite a work of art however the brew it makes can be considered so.

cooker top cofee maker

As a housewarming gift idea it is great value for money and has a brilliantly creative effect drawing appreciation. Made by cult colour chart company, Pantone, it  makes three espresso cups of coffee. Solid aluminium this coffee maker comes boxed in a gift box and would make an ideal present for any lover of good coffee.

Cool Kitchen Gadget Tool Set

This practical set of seven kitchen utensils set is a perfect combination of bar and kitchen tools. Whether its opening somebody else’s celebratory bottle of wine or digging into a bowl of Christmas nuts.  You can guarantee that having reliable stainless steel assortment of openers and peelers gathered in one place will be appreciated!

housewarming gift ideas

Housewarming Hampers

As housewarming gift ideas go this one is pretty special. There are a number of ways to make this the housewarming gift they really remember and turns you into a gift giving superstar.
I think it has to be said before we look at the hampers ready to buy that there is another way. Buy the basket or box and fill it with items that will be well received. If its a housewarming gift for men then it could be DIY tools or similar. Meanwhile if it is a housewarming gift for women or couples the items inside can be tailored to suit.
Having said that there are a number of ready to buy housewarming hampers that can be bought online and shipped next day. We love these and hope you do to.

The food hamper is always a good option if your recipient has a sweet tooth or is a bit of a foodie. There are a wide variety of types of hamper available so there is a perfect hamper gift for everyone.
housewarming hamper gift



Or what about those people that are just fond of a good old fashioned collection of chocolate. Something like this green and black assortment hamper would fit the chocolate lover perfectly. There are of course an outstanding range of various chocolate hampers that make great housewarming gift ideas.

housewarming hamper



Kitchen Based Housewarming Gift Ideas

Cheese Board Gift Sets.

There are so many cheese lovers out there so a cheese based gift is usually well received. A house-warming present of a quality cheese board with cheese knives is a great idea. Why not make it into something really special by creating a hamper with some cheese and wine to go with it.

house warming gift ideas

There are literally hundreds of board sets available from the luxury quality to the novelty board.  Taking a look around you will find something to suit every budget.

Olive Wood Chopping Board

Chopping board as a housewarming present? Yes! An olive wood chopping board is more than just a chopping board. There is a certain artisan feel about the wood meaning it will grace any kitchen side no matter what style. Add to this the fact they are useful kitchen items and they make an ideal housewarming gift.

olive wood chopping board

Why not take it to the next level and have it personalised to commemorate the date of moving.

Lazy Susan Tableware

A blast from the past for many but a Lazy Susan makes a terrific housewarming present.  It is even better if you you provide the nibbles and maybe a bottle of something to christen the new house. Available from a range of retailers in varying designs and quality.  A real bargain suitable for those without a huge budget.

lazy susan tableware gift

housewarming gift for wine lovers

Housewarming Gift for Wine Lovers

Wine lovers have a major problem in that they keep having to get off the sofa to pour another. IIf there is no one around to serve them this will be a most welcome present. A novelty wine bottle glass shaped like a wine bottle with a wine glass top.  Its a fun gift at a fun price but it holds a 750ml bottle of wine ready for supping by the fun loving wine drinker. The text on bottle says “Finally! A wine glass that fits my needs!”

There’s nothing inherently wrong with turning up with a bottle of wine. Now you can also provide a suitable drinking apparatus for them as well!



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  1. My dad is in the process of moving to his new home. It is a few states away from me, so I can’t be there, but I really want to send a housewarming present. While these are all great suggestions, I like the idea of sending a basket. Like you said, something like this can be bought online and shipped right to my dad.

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