Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

Gift ideas for cat lovers

Sometimes gift ideas for cat lovers can be hard to find.  It is not just cat lovers of course but for the feline fan in your life you can rely on these suggestions to be sure that you put a big smile on their faces.  Actually cat inspired gifts are pretty abundant, especially novelty type gifts.

What happens when you want something a bit more meaningful than a “I love cats” t-shirt or key ring.  That’s where we can help, our list below is not extensive but it will definitely help you in your search for thoughtful gift ideas.  Each thought below belongs to a whole category of cat gifts that will really get you on the way to getting the perfect present.

‘Slinky Cat’ Tableware

This is one of my absolute favourite gift ideas for cat lovers. With a gorgeous and frivolous design your table will have everyone smiling. Slinky Cats tableware is a range of extremely high quality ceramics, tableware and accessories. They are more than functional being as useful as they are endearing and playful. There is a range of table-top original pieces that range from platters and plates. Tea sets are our particular favourite with cute cup, saucers and teapots and mugs if that is more your style. As a gift for the cat lover they are perfectly cute and will bring joys for years to come.

slinky-cat-tablewareThese are produced in Australia, so if you are not located there delivery can take a while. Not an emergency gift if you need it quick.  However, as usual eBay™ can be a good source to find such things locally.

Cat wine bottle holder

Gift ideas for cat lovers Of course if your gift receiver is fonder of a drink with a little fizz, there is a cat companion for that too!

We are not suggesting that all cat lovers enjoy a bottle of wine. That would be stereotyping…

This cute Calico style kitten has a stable base and is positioned to (safely) play with any standard size wine or champagne bottle.

Combining two of the finer things in life into one product, this bottle holder will make the perfect thoughtful gift and a great addition to any cat lovers kitchen.  A great selection of cat wine bottle holders are available on Amazon.


Clothing: Cat Inspired Gifts

We don’t normally talk about novelty clothing on these pages.  This post is no different, there is nothing ‘novelty about these.  There are a whole range of colours and prints available in a ton of materials. Equally they can be found priced from £1 upwards. Amazon have a selection here but there are other suppliers with an equally wide selection and price range.  These are likely to be the most affordable of gift ideas for cat lovers.

Cat Jewellery Gifts

A bit like the clothing above this covers every possible style and price point.  From simple cat inspired fashion necklaces priced at the pocket money point to more extravagant pieces.  Necklaces, brooches, earrings and bangles are all available for cat lovers.  A quick search on eBay™ or Amazon will give you a few days worth of products to view.

cat necklace gift   cat brooch jewellery

Wooden Cat Bookends

This pair of cats are handmade from sustainable wood sources by skilled craftsmen. The rustic finish allows them to neutrally blend onto any shelf or unit, and the sturdy build quality ensure that they are perfect for supporting the collection of any book loving cat fan!  Very reasonably priced at ideas for cat lovers

Handmade Wooden Cat Sculpture,  Various poses

happy fatty catFor the discerning cat lover with a social conscience these wooden cat sculptures should definitely be considered.  They are handmade by artisans and considering the quality they are exceptional value for money.  They come in a range of poses and colours to suit every décor or preference of cat.  The Yoga pose ones are particularly fun while others may have a penchant for a black and white version, the fatter version or indeed there are highly coloured versions.

wooden cat sculpture

The bonus with this product is that you are buying through supported by National Geographic.  The Novica model is about fair trade and cutting out layers of profit makers in the distribution chain.  Items are sent from the artisans home country through the Novica offices directly to your home.  The product creators can concentrate on providing great quality creative products knowing that they get a fair price and do not have to lose profit in the distribution chain.  It’s a win – win for buyer and seller.

Find them at Novica

Bespoke Pet Portrait

 bespoke pet portraitsIf you have a particular cat in your life or know somebody with one who dotes on their pet, then why not get them a personalised and bespoke portrait of their feline companions?
Simply send in a picture of the pet (or pets!) in any kind of pose that you see fit, be it majestic or silly, and it will be hand drawn into a black and white artistic representation of the original photo!

You can also customise everything about the gift itself to include a personal message or name tag of the pet, the font that is used and the colour of the frame and the background.

Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate from desk photo to large wall picture.

Get one at Not On The High Street

I hope you find these gift ideas for cat lovers useful.  My hope is that by reading these and clicking through I have sent you on a path to finding the ideal present for your cat lover.


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