Fitness Gift Ideas

Fitness Gifts Ideas – Health & Workout Gifts for Fitness Lovers

We all have a health & fitness freak or two in our lives that we need fitness gift ideas for. Maybe it is someone who always says they are going to make an effort (especially around new years’ time) but always seem to need a little extra motivation to actually commit to their new routines.  Why not get them a gift to help them on the road to better health or better workouts.

Lucky for you we have a range of fitness gift ideas here that will help people already invested in their fitness regime, or encourage people to get in gear.

Fitness Gift Ideas.

Health & fitness gift ideas for those trying to be stronger, fitter or slimmer.

Fitness Activity Trackers

garmin vivofit aterproff fitness activity trackerfitness gift ideas

Whilst there are plenty of exercise monitoring aides available on the market now, probably the ones with the greatest exposure are the Fitbit™ & Garmin™.  Whether you look at one of these main brands or a less expensive one they are all supported by a software app, a website or both.  The quality and ease of use of these apps are as important as the devices themselves and probably the reason why these 2 are so popular with fitness fanatics and everyday folks trying to be a bit healthier.

Fitness activity tracker appNot only do they measure progress but they also provide motivation a guide to create new goals.  In general the Fitbit is more expensive than the Garmin but this is likely style over substance.  The functions and apps are very similar with little to choose between them other that ‘wrist feel’.  In addition the Fitbit is slightly more feminine while the Garmin definitely has a more masculine feel.  Otherwoise the main difference is the fact that the Garmin is waterproof for use in the pool.

Available in multiple colours and sizes the discreet band will sit on your wrist throughout your workout.  Keeping track of stats throughout the entire day such as steps, distance travelled, calories burned and active minutes.

In addition it can also be used to monitor how long and well you sleep and comes equipped with a vibrating alarm.  Call notification functionality and real time running stat tracking are all available.  Upgraded versions are available that monitor heart rate in real time.

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Nutri Bullet

It isn’t just enough to work hard, you have to eat healthy and well in order to really get the most out of your health routine.

The Nutribullet is a superb fitness gift for women and men because it is a easy to use and durable blender. It can liquefy and blend all fruit and vegetables into a smoothie type formula, even stems, seeds, and tough skins.  Ensuring that all the goodness in your food is kept within the delicious smoothie.  Ideal for before, during or after a workout helping to keep you fuelled at all times.

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Skull Candy Earbuds

ear phones for gym giftsAnother quality of life improvement for anyone whether they are pounding the pavement or hitting the gym. Lets be honest, there’s only so much mtv you can take whilst in there. Listening to your own music is a necessity for some people especially in quieter gyms. The right track at the right time can push you through your final set of reps or over that last kilometre.

The downside is requiring your music device be on your body and the cables from your headphones dangling around.  These headphones from skull candy are designed solely with these kind of issues in mind.  Connecting easily via Bluetooth to your phone or music device, they sit around the back of your head. Snug and out the way of any moving parts or body movement.

The come with superior sound quality as standard from Skull Candy. In addtion good security and comfort gives you confidence to “go for ir”.

These ear phones also come with a built in remote and microphone to easily manage your track list and take calls without interrupting your routine.  Also they are also sweat resistant, meaning they wont get damaged or messed up from all your hard work!

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Gifts for Fitness Freaks

Serious fitness gift ideas for the dedicated fitness fanatic

Pro running belt waist pack.

For the outdoor runners in your life, this belt is a godsend. No more carrying a rucksack or filling pockets with all the odds and ends ‘just in case’.  No more need for  bulky and uncomfortable baks or holding on to personal items while running. Perfect when you are pushing through your 2nd wind!
gifts for fitness freaks
This running belt is reflective in its material helping to keep you visible and safe.  A must wear for any night time workouts. Furthermore it comes with storage compartments out the way  for phone or music devices (all the way up to the plus size iphones).  Especially useful is the pouch for keys and spare change there is a couple of slings to insert any food or gels required for your workout.

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Elevation Training Mask

Something for the most extreme of fitness fans! An altitude elevation mask is a great way to take your routine to the next level and really test your own fitness. A simple mask that goes over your lower face and uses filters of varying levels to restrict the amount of oxygen you receive. As a result making breathing heavier and harder.

That’s where the magic happens becuase this forces your lungs and limbs to really feel the full force of your workout. Usually a lot earlier than you normally would.

As a result wearing one is initially punishing and strange to use.  Getting used to working under these restricted conditions will help to elevate performance and longevity. Taking a workout to the next level!

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Workout Gifts

Fitness gifts to improve workouts

Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are great gifts for people with limited space to workout in. They can be inflated and deflated quickly when needed. Consequently they are great for core strengthening workouts, as well as aides towards Pilates or yoga workouts.

fitness workout gift exercise ball

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Kettle bells

fitness gift of kettle bellKettlebells are another fantastic space saving gift for the workout addict. They are available in various sizes and weights allowing the user to incorporate them into their workouts. In addition they can be used in a variety of ways to affect different muscle groups.
These particular kettle-bells are built strong and sturdy to withstand the rigours of people using them for a full body workout, whether they are pushed, lifted or thrown.


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Gym Gifts

Gym gifts for those that just have to be there.

gym gifts for fitness loversFoam Fitness Roller

When people go into their routine no holds barred, it’s easy to overdo it. As a result a bit of rest and rejuvenation is necessary. One way to encourage someone to stay in prime workout form is to encourage proper stretching and muscle rejuvenation before and after a workout.

This set of gym foam rollers is designed for both beginners and veterans alike. In addition it comes with a free eBook to demonstrate how to use each of them to their fullest.

Designed to help break up lactic acid build up and improve blood flow.  Consequently foam fitness rollers reduce the aches and pains in tired muscles. Always a well-received gift for any fitness lover.

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Fitness Journal – Record & Monitor Workouts

Gym Gift ideasWhilst pretty simple as far as fitness gift ideas go. This little book is a great gift for people that have trouble committing to a regular workout.  Also for those that like to plan and track their progress and routine.

Its small non-intrusive form factor means it is suitable for carrying in most gym bags. Also it contains a small a storage pocket for your gym card or locker change. In additon comes with its own pint-sized pen  and elastic bookmark which is useful. It is simple to be able to update and keep track on progress no matter where you are.

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