Thoughtful Gift Ideas

It is a simple concept born out of frustration.  I got sick of several times a year typing the works “Gifts for *******” into the search bar, then trying to refine it for

  • unusual
  • unique
  • funky
  • clever
  • and of course thoughtful

All in an attempt to find that perfect present, that one that is just a little bit different maybe even a bit special.  Basically time was being spent on a regular basis searching for thoughtful gift ideas!  Surely this was not just me, I felt sure that people around the world were probably facing the same problem every day and sure enough, a little research shows that literally thousands of people are asking the same sort of questions day in and day out on the Internet.  And so the idea was born.

This site is not a business website as such, it is not created for profit, it has been created as a resource that we hope some people stumble across on their travels to find that ideal gift for someone.  With that in mind there are a few rules about the products and suggestions we make.

  1. First of all, that is what they are, suggestions and my opinion.  Do not buy a particular brand or more importantly from a particular retailer on my say so, there is no vetting procedure for retailers so please feel comfortable with your own decisions.
  2. Particular products are not the focus of the posts, more an idea of a gift type available from a number of sources.
  3. Brands and stores are cited from our in house knowledge and links offered to better sources of knowledge
  4. Products should be easily available on line. We provide links direct to the product or the general website where possible
  5. We have no pricing policy but where possible we suggests gifts that are inexpensive or cover a wide range of price bands
  6. We are doing this for fun and to help others so if we spell something wrong or our sense of humour offends – sorry!
  7. We do not sell any of the products, nor are we responsible for customer service, however if you have bought something and have a comment about it then we are more than happy to hear from you.
  8. We will gladly take suggestions from readers on things that should be included in our posts so please feel free to let us know.
  9. Want us to add a brand or product to a post, get in touch, we wont promise we will but if it makes sense to us we likely will.
  10. We welcome your comments, however selling or spamming from the comments is not – all comments will be moderated and if you sell or spam we will moderate your ass outta there!

So that’s how the site came about, I hope over time I will receive contributions from people who also have had these frustrations and want to share their knowledge.  If you want to be part of the Admin team, just get in touch Help is always needed!

Until then just enjoy our Thoughtful Gift ideas!